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Nemo's Speed Hitting Program includes his bat, three instructional videos and now his new Triple Hitting Tee (see accessories page).

Coach Nemo with Ariel Montgomery his protege from Forest Grove, Oregon displaying their Nemo Bats!


This is more than just a bat and videos. It is a complete training program to increase your bat speed! The bat and videos are the tools necessary to achieve your goals.

This lightweight bat was the recipient of the number one new product of the year award because it does what it says it will do.

Dr. Ron Noebe, Ph.D. and Dr. Mark McDowell, Ph.D. of B & N Baseball and Softball Awards.

"Your product is one of the few products that can truly be used for baseball and softball. It really does work!!!"

What does the research say?

If you want to increase bat speed you must move the muscle fiber in that direction. One cannot swing a regular bat (overload) fast enough; nor get in the number of repetitions necessary to accomplish this goal.

Using a light bat (Underloading) will give you the ability to swing faster and get in the number of repetitions necessary to bring about the physiological changes to the muscle fiber to develop quick twitch muscle reaction time.

A Nemo Thought:

When it's all said and done in regards to one's philosophy of hitting whether it be a linear, rotational, or a combination of both styles of hitting mechanics. One must keep in mind that eventually you have to go to work and start swinging that bat to improve bat speed.

Let's not fool ourselves one needs to get in hundreds of repetitions to increase bat speed and the best way to do that is with an underloading tool such as Nemo's Speed Training Bat.

Let's Get A Double Win

It's time for a paradigm shift: Set up your drills and teach your hitting mechanics in a speed circuit training format. Replace your regular bat with a Nemo's Speed Training Bat. Results? You will get a double win!

Proper mechanics plus increased bat speed.

Ted Williams, who many believed was the greatest hitter of all time, stated in 1941 "The key to increased bat speed is a lighter bat with hundreds of repetitions."


Food For Thought

Physiologist Dr. Coop DeRenne has conducted numerous experiments to study the effects of variable speed training on bat speed.

His research has consistently demonstrated that traditional on-deck warm-up devices, such as the doughnut ring, power swing, power sleeve and lead bat actually decreased game bat speed when used in the on-deck circle.

 What does all of this mean, and why is this important to you?

"It means if you are using a heavy bat to warm up in the on-deck circle the, research indicates you are probably doing more harm than good. If you want to increase bat speed, science suggests that you put the lead bat and the doughnut ring away." Dr. Frank Spaniol.

Dr. Spaniol is the former head baseball coach at Morehead State University, Kentucky. The certified strength and conditioning specialist has published numerous articles and specializes in improving sports performance.


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